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Smile Reintroduction

Ok its me again, got hit by a flood and lost almost everything and had to move out of town, but first heres where i started off:

I started out with a roadmaster bike with a 48cc starfire gt2 2stroke kit with pull start and centrifugal clutch, it ran great, then i put the kit on a scwhinn del mar crusier,it ran ok but was better on a mountain bike.

after 2 years of riding, got pulled over by a young trooper and was giving tickets, only had to pay for one but it was alot of $$.

So i switched to electric and made a electric push trailer that was hitched to the scwhinn delmar crusier,ran great and was quiet and nobody bothered me but was not as much fun.

I lived by the water and one day i got hit by a flood and the water kept getting higher and higher, it was raining every day to,i was hoping the weather would get hot so the water would go away but that never happened so i grabbed what i could save and left.

Got a new smaller apartment out of town out in the country.

Lost my bike and electric trailer plus almost everything else.

Now i have a Mongoose mountain bike with dual suspension,good for peddaling, only got a couple of gears working but its ok.

And i have a roadmaster mountain bike(not the same bike as my first one) but it does have my old 48cc starfire gt2 gas engine kit on it.
I have been working on getting it mounted correctly and hopefully running again. Its hard with only my small toolbox and no extraparts,bolts,hoses or anything that i used to have.

I have no car so these bikes are my only transportation and i live out in the country.

If anyone has spare parts lying around and would like to donate them feel free to pm me for my address.


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