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Default Re: Cranbrooke 1st Build

Originally Posted by BADBOOH View Post
I got to say she looks good. However, I do not understand why so many go with the cranebrook? I have helped a couple of guys in my area try to keep these POS frames together and run well but, the bottom line is your not saving any money using the worst frame possible to strap a vibrating engine too. And yes rubber mounts sound good in theory but, do end up snapping engine studs. Go rigid, and get a decent frame to start with.
Thanks, frames not that bad, and my Grubee SkyHawk Super Rat does not vibrate that bad, I made custom motor mounts. Reason I went with the Cranny frame, was that I bought it for 50 bucks new from some old man, and is my first build, I also upgraded the rims to heavy duty ones.
My First Build!
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