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Default Re: Theft?

All I use is a simple cable lock. The cable is wound around my messenger bag and I unlock it when I get off the bike. With that I never have had a problem (knock on wood). I guess it just discourages the folks who would want to take it on a whim. If somebody really wants your bike its gone.

It's a kryptonite cable. I've been told that it just keeps honest people honest. When I owned a bicycle shop I used to sell U-locks because they came with an insurance policy and the way I sold them was I said "you're buying insurance policy" and you're getting a lock as a bonus. I explained to them how to register their bike in order to get the insurance. I don't remember if anybody ever needed to turn in their policy.

I figure that a motorized bicycle is daunting enough without a lock so with a lock it gives them a bit more pause. And yes I did see the video of some jerk zipping off with some fellows bike and it still ticks me off.


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