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Default Re: Love my Bike but...

Originally Posted by Crazy Grandma View Post
Honesty Ernst we should hang out I do love my bike I just wish I understood her better. Guess it comes with time.

Well now that I experienced a group ride ( two motorized bicycle and a Wizzer ) I can say that the going is great and if you share lunch or drinks along the way it makes it fantastic.

I do agree that we all have to learn to do mechanical work if we are serious.

I learned about coils (cdi) and magneto so I'm exposed to dealing with the basic electric.
We all need to get familiar so we can do as much as possible on our own.

To me riding distance is also about carrying parts and tools now. I have that new heavy duty tube and a patch kit plus everything except a stubby large slot screwdriver to hold the chain tensioner. I am looking for a short stubby large slot screw driver is anyone knows where on can be found.

i don't know. I find my bucket next to the bike in the quiet of the yard soothing and i decided right away that no mater what I would place my mind in a peaceful place when I need to fix any problem.
Adding new lights or such may mean some tunes on the radio and a cold beer for me.. Take time to enjoy these things.
As was suggested if we are not willing to work things out and take the hit on break downs then it's better to get a scooter or larger but if we like to be different then here we are.

I have good things to say about my kit and I have complaints on the quality of things but it is bicycle and up which means that some things are not designed for heavy duty such as the electronics of my turn signal horn by Acclaim Link The light part works but the sound-electronics came apart and the soldering looks as if a child did it.

Still I have the use of brake lights and turn signals which is a huge bonus in cool. I will buy better but I don't see much for sale.

So yeah C.G. I'd love to Hang and ride.. Perhaps we like this as grown ups because it speaks to our inner child. I like it and like distance riding. That satisfies a need for accomplishing a goal while it satisfies me to get out of the house in a way driving a car never does.

We can go to the lake or go to the river but it's dull between leaving and arriving where making it on motorized bicycle means arriving is a celebration and returning a hope

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