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Originally Posted by Wm Holden View Post
wondered that myself
Originally Posted by Mike B View Post
What did it do when it "over heated"?
Thanks for the replies. It was a memorable ride.

Ah, today is spring like and Happy Father's day to all.

About that over heating there is a story to that as well.

Since I didn't know to expect such a thing let me lay this open and we can sort it out.

I switched gas from 91 octane to 87 octane and with a new mix of 87and 16 to one Lucas in a 1 gallon which I attach to the rear rack with Velcro on the bottom and bungee cord around the jug I rode off from my home.
With a nearly full 2L of the old premium 91 octane / 24 to one mix I rode the distance to that lake and on to the camp ground where I filled up the 2L with the new mix. About 1 L was mixed in with the old mix.
Once I let out of the camp ground ahead was the Roberts Ferry Bridge and over that neat wood bridge ( Bridges - Roberts Ferry Bridge - Chuck Denny - 36/187 - World Wide Panorama ) My 64 bit Quick time is a bit hokey but maybe this will work for windows and here is a Google Earth look at the Roberts Ferry Bridge area Link
Also Panoramio - Photo of Roberts Ferry Bridge detail

A short ride up the highway after crossing I realized the new CDI and it's truly annoying spark plug cap had broken again and the cap was hanging down off the plug but the motor was running?
The Kill switch didn't do anything naturally so I backed of the gas and it ran fast still and when I stopped it was still running but in just a second or two I engaged the clutch as I started to peddle again and that is when the motor shut off.
I went on instinct about motors seizing to be absolutely honest here and I placed the cap on the plug and got the motor going in under a minute. It did cool some but not enough to say it cooled off. I realized the motor was hot enough to run without a working spark plug.
So now my mission was to figure a way to deal with this and learning from my first experience I realized again that the motor was running faster than my throttle but I took care to bring the RPM's down with drag and once the RPM's came down the motor responded and ran under my control. Eventually I had to take a bungee off the gas jug and bungee yet another broken plug wire. I have to admit bungee cord holds the cap on when nothing else will.

So that is what happened and I took care to watch the motor and it didn't repeat again for the next 60 or more miles.

I went by what my Step Father had said when I was a teen that engines seize when really hot and that cooling them down is the thing to do but that keeping it running to cool it down is better. Now it should be said here that this little motor didn't seem all that hot to be honest but for sure it ran without a plug wire on and "ran away rpm wise" twice but that decreasing the rpm and bringing it down with drag brought the run away back to my control. Only one time was the plug wire off.

I know I'm missing the full picture so I welcome your comments.
Using Lucas means the rings may get shellacked from what I read on synthetic oils but Lucus is a blend of synthetic and regular?

The more I add here is about the muffler. I see that a hole in the upper part of the muffler must have had a screw in it. I assume it held part of the muffler inside in place. That screw is gone and exhaust comes out of that small hole now. The result is a ping sound now. It is a slight change but seems okay. I have the SBP kit here so I think it's time.

On the long ride in the dark home the motor ran smooth as it does now that I have run all the 91 octane out and am on 87 now. I have experienced both now and say that 87 is better for a broke in but that 91 didn't seem to hurt in break in mix.

As to the motor seemingly being harmed by the "over heat" I don't know. It's possible and perhaps the voice in my head that said to get moving again after the first event is a wrong suggestion. Humbly I welcome input.

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