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Default Re: Love my Bike but...

Originally Posted by Mozenrath View Post
Sorry you're having so many problems, Crazy Grandma!

I've only really had my finished bike for the first few days, so maybe I shouldn't be saying anything. But one of my mount bolts broke off inside the motor, so it took me a long time to drill holes into the motor and bolt on a mounting plate. Also a few days ago my chain jumped off and I spent a few hours using plyers to get the chain out from between the sprocket and the spokes.

I'd say with these kits, it's best to replace whatever parts you can with better quality parts. Pretty much anything you get from a hardware store or an automotive shop is going to be better no matter what. Some things weren't worth the trouble of finding replacements, like some of the studs, but I wish I used better bolts the first time than the ones that came in the kit. The petcocks are kinda tricky. Mine was leaking gas right out of the switch(not around the edges of the tubing). But the next day I used it and it was completely fine. I have no idea why.
Yeah I finally found a new friend that rides. I need to find a new chain cause its pulling everthing to the right. Also it seems my rpm are running high. Shes got some power though sweet.
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