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I did get the vibe that the reason for no service was "crime prevention." I take it they video the plates on cars.

Oh well.. They can get by without my money.

I have a story today of a 91.4 mile ride. You see I like to go distance and for my efforts I'm finding celebrity when I stop and have a beer for example.
Today was an unknown destination ride. I had a 2l tank full and about 3/4 of a gallon on the back book rack and no idea how far I would actually go.
I rode to our Turlock Lake which is part of our irrigation system and local water supplies. When I had enjoyed the view from atop a hill over looking the lake I went on down the road to a camp ground and got the news that I can bike and camp for $5 a night ( maximum 2 night stay ).
From there I headed across Roberts Ferry bridge ( people used to have businesses that took people across the river ) and then I decided to go on up to La Grange California.
When I got to La Grange I found out that the Saloon had been shut down by the Law over a medical cannabis grower having a few plants in his apartment over the bar. Seems they took a dim view of Cannabis wafting around the place. Well that was not satisfying so I headed south after that to a town called Snelling where I pulled into a parking lot at Bud's Bar and parked in line with the 6 Harleys parked there.
By the time I had shut the bike down and organized and locked the wheels four people had gathered around my bike and one took pictures.
We chatted and I told them what my ride had been about with the long stretch of amber grass land under the afternoon sun. We spoke about La Grange and all agreed that the times were bad on too many good folk.
Soon even more folks came outside from the bar and all of them were interested in my travels and the bike.
I had had an over heat on the way plus the disappointment of finding that La Grange saloon was closed down maybe forever but these folks really made my visit a warm experience. For example my double tequila was poured a triple and my second beer was bought for me. Salsa and chips surprised the customers by the looks on their faces and the salsa was excellent.
I promised to come back and they made it clear to me that I had 30 miles to go to get home.

30 miles of out in the middle of nowhere in the dark of night ( it was after 9 pm ) I was enjoying the fresh air and cool of the river on the night breeze. I watched the red sky of the setting sun and listened to the motor run solid while my new bike light lit up the road like I had halogen motorcycle lights but they are LED.
About 3 miles out into the country side I came on a grade and wanted to shift the rear gears to a smaller ratio so i could assist with climbing the hill and that is when the rear de-railer broke-bad!
Wow, with all the attention to the motor and that chain drive it didn't occur to me that the bike chain could come off sprocket and my effort to peddle would rip the tensioner and de-railer off the bike.
Well there it was. Chain and parts hanging there and lucky I happened to buy the "dorky looking" tool kit with the chain tool so I could pop a link and remove the broken parts but that left me with no peddle power.
27 miles later I am back in my town and crossing roads to whichever side allowed me to make turns without stopping. If any cop had seem me I would have gotten a ticket.
27 miles later I roll into my yard without having stopped completely once.

Now that is a story.

Oh and would you believe that I found a nice motorcycle cover on the road up to La Grange? It must have blown off a bike on a trailer. There are lots of boats and other things taken up into the foothills and lakes. So this really nice cover will replace the vinyl Bell one from walmart. .

Well this is a second attempt to write the story of my 91.4 mile ride today. Somehow I hit a key that closed that tab and I lost a page full.
What is true is I like the distance ride. This china girl seems to be running well. I had two over heats today but that may be more about mixing premium mix and the new regular mix together. If not then I do want a cooler engine.
Well travelling from town to town makes me a celebrity. It may be like the olden days when the first horseless carriages were seen. My Grand Father told me of the first time he saw a truck. From his story I have an idea of the interest folks have and to see harley riders taking pictures of my bike .. well it may be like what my Grand Father shared.
I'm a "local tourist."
This 91.4 mile ride makes about 400 miles on that china motor. It's time to put the expansion chamber on.
It's a slower ride than a motor cycle but connecting with the sun and lakes and people.. Makes it a wonderful thing.

A bit of good and some bad but had the chain and de-railer and tensioner parts gotten into the spokes... Well it would have been way worse.
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