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Default Re: Non-dished rear drive sprocket?

Yup. Went to Ace. It was a no-go. Northern Virginia isn't exactly known for the "do-it-yourself" mentality. You're lucky to find a lawn mower around here. Can't stand it. People would rather pay WAY too much and sit on their ass.

Short Rant:
My wife and I rent a townhouse. Therefore, our maintenance issues are supposedly cover by the property management company. Well, being pretty "handy" having someone take a week to fix a simple problem and then watch them charge a ridiculous fee drives me nuts! Our dishwasher wasn't emptying, so I took the filter plates off, found that a seal in a valve was shot. It was 5 screws total and a regular maintenance procedure. I left the valve, screws, and drawers out. A week later, unannounced at 8am, the good ol' "repair man" showed up. Came upstairs to the dishwasher. I showed him the faulty valve and the 5 screws. He took the part, opened the dishwasher and threw it in. He then said, "Company policy. Can't touch it." Then he walked out. Now the home owner has to pay for a new dishwasher over a $10 part because of this a-hole only recommending a new unit! I was floored.

Rant over.

So, ya. Finding a simple chain in Northern Virginia isn't the easiest task.
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