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Default Re: New to the hobby

Originally Posted by Caddy429 View Post
yeah tell me about it i was at a bar in downtown cleveland watching the game it was insane. i appreciate the responses im still looking to buy a motor i almost bought one from kings but thank god i didnt after reading a whole lot of posts on the forum here. i still dont know where to buy one, where have you gotten your motors from? i cant wait to get my project started!
I got my motor from That'sDax too. There are other really good vendors. I cannot at present recommend Gasbike/King's Motorbikes until I hear more news.

Now then, how is the old city on the lake? I spent so many years there, and a few regretting that I had to leave. I miss so many people there. I miss the orchestra (best in the world!) and the teams (maybe not the best, but we loved 'em anyway!) and the Flats (don't go alone or unarmed). For all that I used to b*tch about that place, nowhere else I've ever been was any better, and most other places are WORSE! It's a great town, is Cleveland. Truly it is.

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