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Default Help a newb set up his first build!!

First off hi all, glad to be here been lurking around for awhile trying to figure what would be best for me to run, but have a few questions/concerns that i haven't found enough info on yet

Let me first list my bike and what i plan on running...
08 Hardrock pro 19"
49cc HS w G4 drive
SBP shift kit

Now to my questions i live up at 6000ft and wondering how the 4 stroke works in the slightly thinner air?
How will it climb up the 13 mile at 8% grade then 3 mile 15% switchbacks, what kinda speeds would i be looking at, pedal assist is no prob

I ride down everyday so am wondering if i need a diff clutch or something to disengage for going down or will the SBP freewheel take care of that? (again sorry for being so new to this)

And now fit, i used the 9.5in x 8in template and i have about an in on the top left corner where the top tube drops will i be alright or would i need to relocate the carb or something to make it fit?

Thanks all for the help!!
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