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Default Re: 130 amp mig welder good enough?

Yea each type of helmet has it's gotcha and something it does better then the other...good thing they have come down in cost . I have to crawl into weird places alot (cuz they pay better) and it's just a short bead I'll go auto.
If doing production work on a fixture I know well then its time for my old krusty plastic fantastic hood from the 70's.
We used 6011 alot on OLD cason walls and when running beads that are a foot long the old helmet w a 12 was the only way to go.
So you may end up with both types ,but thats how this trade goes ,you gota find what works for you. Just be glad that no ones life is on the line with what your making, thats when even the biggest goofoff in the yard gets real serious!

That weld looks ok for a first run . A tech I use with mig is called "horseshoeing" once you have a good puddle forming on the thicker matt. You cycle back and forth along the root makeing little ccc or horseshoes . Not circles just sort of washing back and forth (a tiny little bit ) . With pratice this works really well and looks nice too ,prob works best with flux core however.
People get to jumpie and hurry into the welding phase and don't give mock up and prep the full attention they diserve. I always tell my buddies who want to learn the "secrect" of welding well ....SLOW DOWN... Youll get there.

Now your gona start looking at every hunk of metal around going "hummm" what can i make with that "
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