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Default Re: starfire T40 keeps blowing head

I'm a believer in RED locktite on ALL studs. You can't use it with bolts, just studs. Should I ever need to remove a stud, I'd pull the head and jug and heat it up so the locktite will free the stud. I make (cut to size) all the studs out of all thread. Cylinder, exhaust, intake and engine mount. I use locking nuts that are all metal (self locking) on the head and nylock nuts for the rest, I've gone as far as to use double nuts on other applications excluding the head. I don't believe in lock washers for the head nuts, but do use flat washers. How many aluminum heads on cars use lock washers. Those that do, well that's fine. I don't put a head on that "I" haven't milled, one of my number 1 rules. Hardware is a number 1 rule. I also tap to the bottom case threads. With this you have to remove the cylinder. Just my as you think, but do it right. All good recommendations.
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