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Default Having a blast in Sunny (finally!) California!

Lets try this again... Stupid laptop died on me in the middle of my first post.

Hey there,

I just got my bike and am having a blast! Only problem I've had was due to the guy that I bought it from using the wrong sized machine screws and no thread locker on the rear sprocket, resulting in a very long ride home. Easy fix though, and I'm back to mobbing around town! I just moved to Mountain View, CA and so far I haven't seen any of these bikes around. Stark contrast from where I used to live, Santa Cruz (just a 40 min drive away) where these things are everywhere!

I've got a black cruiser bike with a slightly stretched frame and a springer front end. I'm liking it so far, but the modder in me is already making plans...

-Heavy duty wheels and coaster brake
-Dual disc front brakes
-Top tank from a moped (.5 gal ain't gonna cut it!)
-Jackshaft, derailer, and rear gear set (more! faster!)
-Headlight (running off magneto) in a custom hand carved tiki housing

Eventually, when this POS Chinese engine poops out on me, I was toying with the idea of throwing a 50/75cc Honda/Yamaha/KTM on it for some real fun!

I look forward to throwing around some ideas with you guys
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