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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I had the day off, so I visited my credit union five miles away. Then I dropped off some forms at University of Hawaii-West Oahu, about five more miles further away. I rode back to town to buy a battery for my Honda 150 scooter (This will be my alternate commuter).

Upon leaving the shop, the chain snapped. When I repaired it, it was too short. I could not get lower than fourth gear. That was good enough to reach home three miles away. Fourth gear is 21.8:1, fifth is 18.55:1, sixth is 16.36:1, so gearing was more than sufficient to limp home on.

Today, I'll install a rear spoke guard and new chain on my bike. Then I'll also have someone drop me off at Hawaii Ed's house. My scooter is there, so I'll install the new battery and scooter home.
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