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Default Re: a few ideas for mt next OP Roller

I've tried to give it some thought, as you have HB, and I did cut the seatpost above the cantilever on mu huffy frame, to lower the seat and mount it further back.

Basically, for most, it will make it difficult to pedal, and create a need for even more work on the frame... (Most mods require additional work, to compensate.)

I have seen pics of where a seatpost tube was welded in, angled backwards, from down lower on that seatpost tube, leaning backwards at the top, maybe 4: closer to the fender/tire, at the top.
That effectively supports the seat, further back.
Next is the pedaling issue, when seated... this can be amended by moving the BB forward in a 'townie' position and using a few chain idlers for the longer run.

IMO, flipped bars are dandy if you wish to cruise very slowly... profiling for the bystanders... OR, if you wish to lay down against the tank with your feet well to the rear on pegs for a hi=speed run.

For me, apes are really the most comfortable bars. YMMV :-)
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