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Originally Posted by socialdistortionkid View Post
Welcome, Ernst and thats a cool bike.

My 1st CDI was a failure as well because i fried it by using a car spark plug wire (too much voltage)

I have no visible spark when i use it and it checks out fine with a multimeter so i threw it in the trash, runs fine with my other CDI.

I made the mistake of buying my motor kit from kingsmotorbikes (same as and they never answer there phone calls and have terrible customer service. I wouldnt recommend buying from them.... so many members on here have problems with

They say that they will replace my CDI because i told them its defective and have yet to see if they will send me a new one.
I have to default to learning new things so in hind sight it seems that the Magneto had a failure.
The CDI seems okay. The reason CDI was suspected is it seemed to be something that could have vibrated to death and there was no spark.
What seems to be true, I didn't see the actual magneto damage but I trust it is true, is that the magneto had a broken wire or connection.
It would be fair to say that quality workmanship is the reason for failure at all but: I had to tighten the 4 nuts on the head to get compression today and I remember that sharp ping I now know as a compression leak due to nuts/bolts vibrating loose.

I am experiencing these things first hand and doing what I can to share and learn.


Got those nuts tightened and changed out the CDI because the new one has a nice plug wire attached... VERY VERY attached... Glued even.

So to change out that wire which I want to when the colored ones come I have to get solvent and dissolve super glue I assume.

The new CDI and the "borrowed" magneto seem to work well together and I have a blast night riding from one end of town to the other checking out the night club action on the cheep.

I'd like to have some fellow travellers in time but it's enjoyable to use a great light and the other safety devices like the spoke lights.

So at the moment all is working.. I will make better on the wiring and such when I am sure what I will do on the electrical connections from magneto to CDI.

already this bike is respected as a nice bike by the majority.

Funny: I came out to several Harley's and folks.. I felt fine with this build. The clutch sounds so motor cycle like that , that alone generates respect.
Bike wheel lights are something cool that motorcycles don't do.

It's fun.
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