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Default Hello from Chico, CA

My nmae is Alex and I hail from Chico, CA. I bought 4 Spitfire Motorworks engines back in 04 with the hopes of becoming a dealer. Built one biek for myseld and sold another to a college girl. Big mistake! I gave her a refund just to get her off my back. I ended up selling the last 2 motors for less than what I paid because Spitfire was advertising for less than what they sold them to me as a dealer.

Anyway, the bikes have been sitting for a few years and I have decided to get them running again.

One motor seemed seized so i took it apart. The piston and cylinder looked fine, though there was eate in the crankcase. Poured the water our and soaked the entire crankcase with WD40. everything seems to rotate ok. The clutch assembly was seized. I took it apart and ended up with ball bearings everywhere. Luckly I managed to find them all.

Hoping to get the bikes back on the road in a couple of weeks. Depends on how the re-assmbly goes.
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