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Cool My name is Jim S. New to this. in south florida.

I have a nice Hampton Cruiser totaly customized. is now a 7 speed, so I added both front and rear hand brakes. and fat street tires. I am confortable adding a motor to this bike. I have a 25 cc old leaf blower 2cycle motor. but I am probly going to buy a Robin 40cc 2 cycle motor for this project. I wanted to say High and introduce my self to anyone that cares and see if I can get a genius or 3's attention, I am about to dig into this thing. Say hi if you have something to offer. anyone know where to get or how to make a manual clutch? I am having some issues with the plans I have going on in my head, like where is this kind of clutch found? like hand cable operated. also, has anyone considered a bicycle hybreed. like an electric hub motor and a 40 cc motor generator como and one of those ebike controlers? seems like it the power head could be easily removed for security , carry it along or to service. just an Idea, Jim..
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