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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I've been running into a two-block gridlock, a mile of reaching home from work. So I hop onto the sidewalk and ride at jogging speed. When I get to the traffic light, I merge with traffic and claim the lane at 35-37.5 mph.
As usual, two blocks from home, I ride in the bike path, slow down to pedalling speed(if I were to pedal) and cruise home on the path and sidewalk. This gives me time to unwind and reflect on the adrenalin-pumped ride home.

I no longer carry fuel in my reserve bottle, only 2.56 oz. of oil. Since I have a four-liter tank, fuel supply lasts for 8-9 days. If I ever run out of fuel, there's a gas station within a mile of wherever that happens to be. I just go to the Chevron station, pump gas, add oil, then motor away.
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