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Several manufacturers produced a bike suitable for, or intended for mounting the Whizzer engine. The 1947 Schwinn WZ507 bike (later designated S4) was a variation of the Schwinn cantilever frame patented in 1937. ( The term "CANTILEVER" indicates that the frame has two lower top tubes, which run all the way from the head tube, cross the seat mast, and continue down to the rear drop-out.)The welds were heavier, and spokes were .105 inch diameter as opposed to the .080 inch standard gauge. The rear frame was dimpled at the left side of the rear seat stays and the chain stays to provide better belt clearance. Schwinn’s "knee action" spring fork was used. A front brake was provided to assist the standard coaster brake, and a welded on brake arm anchor point was provided at the left side of the rear chain stay, and connected to the brake arm by a strut. (Allegedly the Whizzer was capable of breaking the standard bicycle coaster brake strap, allowing the brake arm to rotate. I can personally attest that stopping the rear wheel with the coaster brake does not necessarily stop the bike, so all my bikes have front brakes.)

In August of 1948 a smaller version, the 24 inch Schwinn S10 was offered. Both the S4 and S10 used the Schwinn S2 tubular rims. The S10 Schwinn with an "H" engine kit.

Roadmaster also produced a Whizzer- purpose bike, the Roadmaster 226WH. It featured heavy spokes (.105 ga.) and a New Departure front brake..

Huffman produced a bike which was intended for motorizing.

The Martin Company produced the "Roadrunner" chassis in several versions. Suitable for mounting the Whizzer or any of several other engines, it had no bicycle pedals, and so was started by pushing, or by means of a kick or pull starter. There are several small manual motorcycle transmissions of that era which have a kick- starter built in.
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