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Default Re: Makin parts for the race!

That is looking FINE, OB. Nice work. I hope all you guys out in Cali have a blast at the races Saturday, wish I could be there. I am totally looking forward to getting into this emergent board track racing scene. I think it's going to be huge in a few years once it really takes off.
As for this Saturday that is opening day of muskie fishing season and I haven't missed that ever (except when I was in the service). This year I am going to miss it. Saturday is the funeral for a local female soldier killed in Afghanistan and that ***hole Fred Phelps has vowed to show up and protest it with his Westboro Baptist "Church". Or so they think. My cousin is the commander of the local American Legion post and he has been on top of it. I'm an ex marine myself and believe me, there will be THOUSANDS of us waiting to receive them along with HUNDREDS of Patriot Guard Riders. Yesterday the village board passed legislation outlawing protests of military funerals. Let those fools try...

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