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Originally Posted by halfevil333 View Post
I would replace your sparkplug before doing ANYTHING else like ordering more parts, if by drowned out you mean loss of power and a kind of sputtering performance @best- its probably the plug! I've pulled out plugs which STILL LOOKED GOOD-but as soon as they were replaced, zoom, zoom, zoom...
and pulling that little bit of current off the white wire will foul a plug quicker! I've done it b4, but found batteries cheaper than plugs in the long run...
No white wire use here. New Plug for that ride. Lots of battery power on-board.
We went through step by step and there was no spark out of the spark plug wire.
That was last night. Today my friend brought the bike on to my place and had seen a problem with the Magneto coil today we didn't see last night. I understand a wire out of the coil was broken. I didn't see that last night but then we were all tired after a long run that ended with a ride after my motor died.

I'm learning. So with a swapped out Magneto and an odd spark plug wire it is running.

It turned out to be poor quality on the Magneto. I read there are 4 hole higher quality Magnetos but I don't see any advertised so far.
Poor plug wire took some abuse. Oh well I'll get a nice wire from SBP.

Thanks for the advice.

More on Magneto and trouble shooting Great Magneto Mystery
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