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Default Re: NT Carb?

All Ive done to my cns is,make it get the gas it needs. Ive gotten rid of the stock petcock,put a nice filter new petcock,and bigger fuel line. Yesterday when i did a plug chop my plug was a nice cocoa brown.
I will say its a struggle to get them right. Getting them to seal properly is probably the worst. I took a dremel tool and took that real sharp edge of the outside of the intake pipe. It seals really easy now.
I havent drilled any jets. Im waiting for mine to finish breaking in. Then I'll mess with that. Hopefully they have a jet kit for them soon.
My bike pulls strong all the way thru to wot.All and all I'd say it's not a bad carb.
Everything from China needs to be finished or tinkered with before it works right.

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