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Default Banzi Down Hill Sprockets!.....18T !!! OMG

HI All,

Had a customer call in today and ask what the smallest sprocket we can make for the motorized bikes is....Appears he wants to go for some maximum speed runs (he was thinking downhill would help too.....and actually may be required although I can't say for sure not having ever made one smaller than a 27T for our bikes thus far).

After doing some rough calculations, I came up with 18T ....Of course this is ONLY a disc hub mount....No 9 hole mounts, and No Top Hat Adapter use....

Should make for some scary fast down hill runs huh? He hasn't ordered it yet
but said he was just on the verge!!

Anyways, if anybody is interested we can go to 18T (hobbed only).

Maybe you want to be the first? ;-) .....Definitely dangerous at speed so be careful!!!


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