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Default Re: hi! i nearly forgot to interduse myself

Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
Hey Harly,
Welcome to the forum. Lots of us here can't spell for beans and we were born here. No excuse like you have. What kind of saws are you running? Up here in northeastern Minnesota people are partial to Jonsureds and Husquvarna's. Good saws.
You sure have a lot more fabrication skills than I had at your age. It's good knowing how to make things.
well i have trouble with spelling in my home language as well. i have been running a tuned sthil and a partner a while back but now it's mostly husqarna have got one old big saw from 60 something witch is powerful enough to go 70kph on a bike even thou it has overheated multiple times and is as worn out as... well i cant really think of anything that's more worn out and another pretty new one 36 i think it's called it's the one on the pics. but on the pics it has got a sthil pullstart because the original one was useless
if you dare give full throttle, it's not fast enught
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