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Default Re: New Cranny build underway!

So I started the kit install last night. Needless to say the rag joint is giving me fits! Got the dust cap ground done (and almost lost an eye in the process...don't ask) and installed the joints 3x's with coaster brake rubbing (bent it as suggested) and misaligned. Stripped two of the crappy bolts/nuts. Going to pick up some grade 8 hardware tonight. The rear drive gear isn't dished, which I found strange. Next, I'm hoping clearance will be fine. Fingers crossed. Manic Mechanic hub is looking better every minute...

Tried to install Puch head to no avail. Head bolt holes are slightly too small. Need to pick up a proper drill bit.

Anyone have a solution to the handlebar mounted choke on the CNS carb? Hate the extra cable. I do have a RT carb from Dax on order...Best answer I could come up with! Also need shorten throttle cable. WAY too long. The rest are decent and manageable.

On a positive note, the new larger mount on this kit fits the Cranny down tube perfectly! My seat and SBP xchamber arrive today. Hopefully, this evening goes a bit smoother than last.

Pics up tonight.
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