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Default Re: Difference between peak and continuous HP?

A true horsepower minute is a unit of work done over time. Not an absolute.
There are a lot of factors that play a role . All elec. Motors with out electronics to "soft start" achive full toruqe when power is engaged and in theroy that is the peak H.P. Once engaged and turning there is a slight lag and that power output could be concidered cont. H.P. Most of the bike motors I've delt with have some kind of soft start setup.
Please remember that these numbers come from people who want to sell motors so they tend to bumb the number up to look more powerful. But I belive you on the right track in thinking about it in a hill climb . On the level your runing at 1.1 and in trans to the climb it runs at 1.6 for extra power ,but only for a few sec.
And of corse it all depends on how the motor power is reg. Via electronics or reostat or direct wireing?
Sorry it's not a simple answer ,and I'm sure there are those who will diagree with me .
I got my education in the service not in an enginering school ,so maybe someone with letters after there name can explaine it better.
Hope this helped some...
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