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Had my first ride with other motor-bikers today. Not a bad thing if you can do it. There is a map on site if you (reader) are interested in finding folks in your area.

My bike is over 300 miles now and still breaking in with me on board. A lighter person can ride at 30 mph but with and cargo the engine needs to be in a good mood.
I do get 30 mph but I wait until I feel like the engine is in the mood. Sounds funny but I'm trying to do a reasonable breaking.

Had a break down today towards the last part of the ride and after we reasonable excluded possible causes the failure points to the coil.4 New NGK plug, lots of vibration and a burst of about 60 miles on the bike in a couple of days may have reviled a weak link.

I''l be checking the suppliers listed for a new coil.

On the Magneto it ohmed at about 386 ohms I think.. Another parts box magneto ohmed at 345 I think.
No wire damaged. Disconnected the kill switch still no fire.

Any advice on coils of if this sounds familiar well I welcome the input.

Best to find these bugs sooner rather than later IMO.
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