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Default Re: removing and adding chain links on motorized bicycle chain

I'm proud of you all!
Hey I thought of an idea on chain breaker poorboy style I'll maybe do a post and pictures I think most of you will have the tools needed and I rate this idea as a black and blue thumb nail award. I'll get to it soon. I did go to the trouble of making my own chain breaker out of aluminum stock and a bolt with my dremel tool but it was a pain. I need to get me a mill. I need to suck up to the old snake woman(my wife) maybe I'll get her in the mood to let me buy a mill?!
Material needed angle iron or flat strap hammer and a punch some good old cuss words before starting and some during the construction. It will not be pretty but should work and you guys should be able to modify it to fit your needs. I hope.
Snake is telling me to get to bed now she wants to rock me to sleep.
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