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Default Re: Weird! "Brand New" motor kit smells like gas!

Originally Posted by Erich_870 View Post
That's great they tested their product...
A package that smells of gas is not something (shippers) appreciate, and I'm sure it is in violation of some federal laws...
I have received a few requests from out of state and even out of country people that want one of my builds so I looked into shipping.

Since 9/11 forget any passenger jet cargo hauling, and outrageous hoops to go through to ship air cargo only.
Trucking is different. I haven't gotten into that too much yet, but I know that federal and most states classify anything that has has had gas in it 'flammable hazardous cargo' and supposed to be handled accordingly.

IF I ever wanted to just sell motor kits local I would go through them and run them first but I don't even want to get anywhere near that.
The last thing I need is rookie builders that want to save $100 to build it themselves but calling me directly all the time expecting me to hold their hand for free because they bought the motor kit from me and have no clue how do it right and break it.

Anyway, back to topic, if the motor fires right and runs great it a score, if not then I'd be pretty skeptical about it.

Can I inquire what the motor is and where you got it?
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