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Default Re: My first motoredbike project, looking for some answers

Originally Posted by dino27 View Post
I said 55 mph because it is important for me that the engine will be strong

What is really important for me is the acceleration
I know that if a small engine will achieve this speed it will also accelerate well

What about the engine?
Which is better the Starfire GT4 or the Starfire GT5 Super Rat?

And what the difference between those 2?

about the bike...
will it feat to this?

Uploaded with
Looks like you have plenty of clearance for the jackshaft. The only thing I would worry about is the kit itself fitting. Would it be possible to get us some measurements on the bike? Seatpost and downtube sizes are pretty much not an issue these days with aftermarket mounts but that crosstube with the spring in the way would be rubbing right on the top of an engine. I'd say without some accurate measurements it is too close to tell.
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