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Cool Re: A hello from a grumpy old-man ;-)

Thanks all!

Local ride-ins? Sure thing when this is done.
Back in '07 i was reading about the China strokers with bronze wrist-pin bushings. YIKES!
I raced Mercury outboards back in the late '60s and know what two-stroke quality is. ;-)

As far as moving up from the RS35cc only riding it will tell. I really do need to pedal to maintain my health.(morning resting pulse=68... BP=115/74) An auger motor? Mmmm. But i do want good MPG.

No offence was intended as i do understand the low cost and fun factor of a local ride ONLY cheap motor. Had a mini-bike in the late '50s with a real cheap Clinton motor. A real smoker of a stroker. :-D
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