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Default Re: My first motoredbike project, looking for some answers

Originally Posted by benutne View Post
Put up a pic of your bike and some dimensions and we can help more. Bikes that don't have a lot of clearance (2+ inches) between the seat tube and the back tire will have a lot of issues with the shift kit. And some full suspension bikes don't leave enough space to do an in frame installation.

55MPH is probably not possible with these engines. You can very comfortably do 30 and lots of people have gotten in the lower 40's. 55 sounds like a death wish unless you have awesome brakes.

There are a few guys around here who have the NuVinci and really like it. Do a search and you're sure to find their posts.
I just got clocked doing 50mph last night! and BAIRDCO has a bike wich has been clocked @nearly 60mph!
would never try that on a full suspension rig though!!!!! sounds like you'd be much happier on a small motorcycle/ enduro style street/dirt bike!
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