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Default Re: Spark Plug Gap

Ya know alot of automobile engines are running gaps in the .040 neighborhood too. I think it's more to do with the CDI ignition they are set up for. As far as the plug wire I don't know just what the ohms resistance (per foot) of the wire
should be, but if you take the wire off and check it with someone who knows and understands this stuff then you could make that calculation.

I've seen guys put solid metal spark wires on High Energy Ignitions and burn the
system out. They generally rely on some resistance. The resistance helps to prevent the premature burn off of the electrodes (both center and ground) of the plug and maintain the longevety of the ignition system. Generally the wider gap gave better bottom end and starting characteristics where as the narrower gap gave the best top speed running. Bear in mind motor's aren't designed to run at 100% for long and 75% is a more sane cruising speed.
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