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Default Re: Motorized vs. Electric

Originally Posted by happyvalley View Post
Not stupid at all, rather one that is producing some contested discussion in legal forums. Floating around out there is the inclusion of E vehicles in a federal mandate for states vehicle code compliance.

As to bike paths, where I live they are many, used heavily by bikers and walking people as well, and are posted 'no motor vehicles allowed'.
Gas bikes will raise issues, even an EHO35 with additional muffling, and today everyone carries a cell phone and are not shy about making a call. I know. On a practical level though, the stealth of Ebikes doesn't seem to raise the same degree of ire.
an ebike under 750 watts is a "Bicycle" in California.
a gas bike of 49cc or less is still a "bicycle" on the street...but banned from bike trails and pedestrian walk ways.
So while in those areas...I run electric...when headed off on streets..I run gas.
THAT is the reason for a trybrid bicycle.
as well redundant propulsion allows for great range without fear of being stranded. (baring catastrophic wheel or frame failure)

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