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Default Re: Bicycle Motor Squealing

I've found that my bikes will squeal like a stuck pig and it comming from the short shaft/rod on the clutch. this is the short rod or shaft in front of the ball inside the mainshaft for some reason it will get dry or it works the grease out of there and when that short rod gets dry it will make a nasty noise that even I can hear and my hearing isn't the best. All I have to do is take the cover off of the chain/front sprocket that has the clutch arm on it and I pull out the short shaft and ball shoot some grease into the hole grease up the ball and the shaft put it back together and I'm good to go until it cries to me again. I haven't been keeping records or mileage but it might be something like 6 to 10 tanks of fuel before it gets dry again and it may go even longer between needing grease.
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