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Default Re: Why are some bike riders so torqued up?

When I'm pedaling my bike(no motor) in my town, i always try to stay on the road, but cagers for the most part have little or no respect for me... And I end up on the side walk. It's frustrating and I feel that my town needs to educate drivers on properly passing bicyclists. I am moving to Missoula at the end of July and I can't wait because they have bike lanes and bicycles are more of a frequency there. Here in Great Falls, I feel drivers see bikers as a nuisance that need a car... I have a car, but I choose to ride my bike as much as possible for the fun of it, but also for economic and environmental reasons. I don't like feeling like a nuisance. And it's illegal and dangerous to be on sidewalk. And spandex should be illegal too. Lol. Sorry spandexers, nothing personal...
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