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Smile I guess I have to introduce myself sooner or later

Hello everyone! My nickname is Rzee and I was lucky i could get that name because usually it is already taken when I go to register for something. I believe I am an experienced builder (what I mean is I have some experience) so I know a little about this game we play. I am interested in learning more and in the past day of exploring the forums I have nearly doubled my knowledge. I am on my second build, just waiting for parts and the engine. I will talk about that soon but I might as well talk about my first. I had sort of a restricted budget on my first build and I split up $300 equally for a bike and an engine. I bought a 49cc Grubee SkyHawk from KingsMotorBikes with an upgraded CNS High Performance Carburetor. I will never buy from King's again because of its customer service. I've sent emails, and chat messages and never received any reply's. I had many problems with the CNS carburetor with bogging issues when attempting to use full throttle. But, everybody knows that story I paid around $120 for the engine (real cheap, huh) and $30 for shipping. I bought a shwinn landmark from walmart for $148. So, I came in two dollars under budget (I'm a pro, arn't I ) But, I had many problems with the bike. Fenders breaking and being shot out the rear tire (embarising). I someone picked up little glass pins that popped like 6 inner tubes so that was a big problem until I played detective and found the pins. But, I eventually sold it to a guy that didn't even have my start it up. Funny thing was he bought a crap car and that's why he needed by bike, for transportation. I take it he didn't test drive the car either. Now I am building a Cranbrook with a 66cc black flying horse engine. I was originally going to get the super rat but bikeberry ran out and they gave the flying horse from their secret stash as I was on backorder for a month. But, I still will buy from bikeberry, I have no hard feelings against them because they have great customer service. I guy called me on a sunday afternoon from bikeberry telling me the whole situation I just explained and know everything is straightened out and I'm just waiting for stuff to be delivered. My new bike is going to be bumpin'. I have a the following performance parts being added: Boost bottle, manic mechanic manifold with pre-tapped hole for the boost bottle, High Performance (HP) spark plug wires, HP air filter, and an iridium spark plug. The last three items are all from Sick Bike Parts. My goal is that it will go at least 35mph. I will know how fast I am going with an Analog retro speedometer from eBay. (It looks cool) I will be porting the muffler as best I can and cleaning up the ports on the cylinder. But, here is the sad part. I broke my ankle from a roof accident so I will be laid up for 6 weeks which sucks because I will have this supercool bike built and I can't ride it.

If anyone takes an interest in this thread I will post pictures of my progress.
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