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Originally Posted by gobigkahuna View Post
I've seen some crazy things on the dirt road to Kaena Pt: Once I saw a tourist couple that made it all the way to the washout (from the Makaha side) in a Cadillac convertible. How they got that far I'll never know. Another time there was a motorcycle abandoned in the crevace at the washout. Had to be a lot of alcohol involved in that one.

My hat's off to anyone who bicycles on O'ahu. After I was hit that ended it for me. If I'm on the road there I want as much steel around me as possible... a Sherman tank or Brinks truck come to mind.
The bottom of that Caddy musta been all buss up, lol.

I like riding in Honolulu. My five-mile commute takes me from Aloha Stadium to Waiakamilo Road, near Pier 31.

Commuting to work is like a 25-minute amusement ride, one in the morning and one at day's end.

When claiming the lane, cars behind me give me PLENTY of room. I think they're afraid I'll fall. They don't want to run over me at 35 mph.

If you bike at speeds below the speed limit AND on the edge of the road, cars here will "herd" you off the road.
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