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Default Kermit ?

I stopped by the paint store a few days ago to see if they had any mis-tints in the alkyd line... mis-tints are usually $5 a gallon/$25 a 5... which is a great deal for projects where a specific color is not requested. and I've got a bunch of the universal tints and can tone whatever I get in one direction, or other, long as I don't get something too dark.

They gave me a quart of Aero-Plate because they have discontinued the product line here in Kalifornia. They will no longer sell alkyd paint.
The new line to replace it is called AreoThane, and it is water based.
I looked at some doors that had been painted with it, there in the Frazee Paint Store, and it was a really hard, durable appearing surface coating!
This will be the future!!!
They said a nearby state facility is testing it out, presently, for durability.

Anyhow, the quart they gave me was just the accent base, with no tint in it.
The guy wanted to know what color I wanted and I told him I didn't care... it was for a bicycle frame and just make me up something... LoL

Well, here's how my surprise came out!

I just blasted the frame out along the driveway and have got a bit of orange-peel and a few bugs, but it's a major improvement.
If it bakes in the sun for a few days I think I might be able to color sand it and buy a quart of clear to give it a topcoat???
I don't even know if they make clear in the NEW formulation!

Fun stuff!
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