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Default Re: Why are some bike riders so torqued up?

I have my own personal feelings about spandexers.

You ever walk into a bicycle shop? Sure ya have. Ya ever mention, "...on my motorized bike..."? Sure ya have.

What was your responses? And I don't mean that one guy who was cool - I mean the others. And not the others that are like "Oh, okay." I mean the ones that are like, "Will you not park your bike on our racks?" That's the difference between spandexers and regular bicyclists.

Now, keep this in mind. Not every guy who wears spandex is a spandexer, and not every bicyclist is cool with MxB's. Spandexer is more a term for the uptight, bigoted, "I'm a bicycle, respect me," "That's not a bicycle, go eff yourself," etc etc.
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