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Default Re: Why are some bike riders so torqued up?

Originally Posted by flatblack View Post
You're assuming that I haven't.

All I'm saying is if she was out for a ride with her daughter, there was no reason to be flying down the sidewalk in the manner she was. The little girls legs were about to fall off trying to keep up! Then top it off with the awesome behavior and we've got #1 mom of the year. Safety first! Ha!
No, not assuming anything and nothing personal so please don't take it that way. Occasionally I see venting about spandex cyclists etc and for the most part I see it as attempts at humor. Still, when I log in here it says motorbicycling com. I can say I've never had a drink cup thrown or been run off the road by a spandex wearing roadie.

I agree on the safety first, I used to tell my son: 'when you're riding a bike around cagers, even if you're in the right you can end up dead wrong'.
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