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Default Re: Motorized vs. Electric

Originally Posted by rustycase View Post
STRONG, astute observation HV !
Gosh, if we could all have the subsidy the railroads and their engine builders enjoy, we'd be in like Flint, wouldn't we???
Sure, and we can add the multiple Chrysler and GM bailouts, massive infrastructure investment for building and maintaining the interstate highway system and the expenditures for military adventures securing the flow of oil abroad.

But on topic since the OP asked:

Originally Posted by tmhays View Post
What are the preferences in gas motor vs electric? What is the power difference like?
I mentioned the instant torque and power band characteristics of electric motors, not to mention they are almost noiseless.
Storage, IE: cost and weight are issues to overcome to produce range.

For fun read the 2011 Death Race thread here, won by a Ebike, lol.
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