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Default Re: A Wasted Effort

I have a kinda similar story:

On day I was riding my motorized bicycle and spotted a yard sale, so I stopped. Some kids who were playing in the yard came over to check out the MB, and as we were talking, I come to find out that one of the kids has a Goped that didn't run, so I offered to take a look at it.

Well, the bolts holding the engine to the frame of the Goped were stripped, so I offered to fix it. The kid trusted me to take the engine home, I mean he never saw me before, or anything I could have taken the engine and never come back. So I took the engine cleaned the carb, retapped the holes and added some new bolts and lockwashers, and brought it back the next day and installed it for him. He watched for 5 minutes, then went off to play ball.

A couple pulls on the pull-start and it was running, I rode it up and down the block, it was working great, but the kid didn't seem thankful to me, nor did he say thanks or anything, he seemed more interested in playing ball.

Later that week I passed by his house, and asked how's the Goped, and he said the pull-start broke, and I saw it sitting in the corner of the year tossed like garbage. I took the pull-start off, I guess he had tried to fix it, but the parts were in wrong, so I laid everything out on the driveway and said this is how it goes together. He watched for 5 seconds, then went off to play ball, that pissed me off, so I just left the parts on the driveway, and left.
You know, you try to help out a kid, and they show zero interest in the hows or whys, they are only interested in the final result, and then it breaks, and they spend 5 minutes trying to figure it out, then give up and toss the thing like garbage.

I would have bought it off of him, but it was one of those early Gopeds with the direct friction drive and no clutch, the engine would stall every time you stopped, it was a PITA.

Sorry for boring you with my long story, but I just had a cup of coffee, and I cannot stop.

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