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You can complain about today's youth (I sure do plenty, and I'm 25) But take some comfort in the fact that this is darwinism at work. Maybe I'm just a schadenfreude addict, but when my co-worker said 'Better safe than sorry' the other day I corrected him. No, Better Sorry first. Then they'll know why you're supposed to be Safe. It's when someone grows up in a world free of dangers or penalties that they're heading for being truly sorry.

Besides, I'm waiting for this house of cards we call 'Modern America' to take a nice tumble. I'll be the smug illigitimati that knows how to fix all the stuff that's broken and not made anymore. (Or, you know, just be the guy with the coolest toys. Fu$k the spinny rims you paid a man to put on the Civic you paid a man to 'Tune')
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