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Originally Posted by rustycase View Post
It sure looks likes a broken weld on the end of the one tube... what does the place of attachment look like?

The first piece on the left is the muffler body. The next piece I will call the baffle, the next piece is a drilled tube attached to the center of the end cap that is screwed to the body when it is assembled. There is a round plate about halfway up the tube, which is currently free to slide up and down the tube. I suspect that it may have been welded up at the free end of the tube, and the baffle would have sat on it. This seems as though it would have directed the exhaust gases, after they had passed through the baffle, down the center of the drilled tube, out it's drilled holes and out through the small pipe in the end cap. Everything is too covered with oil and soot to look for a tack weld break, and I don't know anything about how mufflers are assembled, but there are tiny irregularities that might have been tack welds. Does this help? There are no holes through the outer tube or anywhere there should not be.
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