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Default Re: is this worth it?

I had the stock Skyhawk GT5 muffler on my hog and then that fell apart while i was riding so I put a spare one I had from another kit (PK-80). The second exhaust looks a little different and definitely has more backpressure than the first.

I guess what I'm saying is it probably depends on what your exhaust is like, but at least some exhausts could benefit from a lower backpressure. I've been planning on drilling some holes in it. Try taking the bottom part of the exhaust completely off and riding it like that to see the difference. When the first one fell apart, it was like this, and you could definitely notice some more power, but it was louder than a chainsaw.

Still, the difference between normal exhaust and "basically no exhaust" wasn't huge so I'm not sure that drilling the hole will have too much of an impact.
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