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Default Re: Love my Bike but...

I know MV...
It's on the edge of hi-speed insanity!

CG, seems to me you are expecting a little too much from a discount offering.
These things are CHEEP, and will require a certain amount of attention under even the best of circumstances. In simple English, that means constant maintenance and upgrades.

There's probably no way to escape it.

There's a strong probability you are expecting too much performance from the little critter. Maybe... if you could be easier on it, there would be less problems?

Excuse me for saying so, but perhaps you would be happier with a front line motor scooter from one of the big guys?

It really does boil down to 'you get what you pay for'.

CG, I'm just being honest as I can...

Vespa, Yamaha, Honda....
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