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Default Help with Build checklist...Starting Wednesday!

My kit arrives Wednesday and I have started prepping for the build and install. The plans are for a Jet 66cc Race Angle Fire kit, Puch Hi Hi Compression head, Port match intake/exhaust manifolds, and install the SBP xchamber. I've made a list of some items I'll need to get up and running. If all you helpful folks could take a look and lemme know if I'm missing anything or have some more detailed thoughts, I'd appreciate it!

So here's what I've come up with:
-Replace as many stock bolts with M8 hardware as possible. (Sizes would be helpful. If not, I'll wait till the kit comes and take a handful of Chinese tin with me to the hardware store to match!)
-2 stroke synthetic oil
-Small gas can
-Header Wrap
-Gasket material
-Spark Plug/Wire
-Front light
-Possible U-bolts for motor mounting

I'll make this a running list for myself as I think of things. Again, any input would be appreciated! Can't wait to get this thing on the road! I'm tired of pedaling it!
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