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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

KCvale, I'm sorry for your loss and the fire.

I've been getting a clunking sound on my drivetrain. I can slightly hear and feel it. I decided to replace the chain I'd broken a few days ago. I also sawed off the bottom of the front derailleur's guide. I wish the derailleur's selector went deeper past the sprocket. Now I'm worried that the chain will snag the bottom of the selector/guide. I'll buy another front derailleur, since they're so inexpensive. I cut the derailleur, just in case the chain was snagging it. The cassette was also protesting during the shift from first to second gear.

Upon riding to work today, the clunking is still there. Besides that, the rear cassette is protesting mightily in the upshift from first to second gear. Besides changing the front derailleur, I will also replace the rear cassette. Maybe the ravages of months of motorized power shifts has taken its toll on it.

I have made it a point of releasing the throttle before shifting gears.
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